The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

# SL10032
More than just the FULL BODIED and ROBUST sound of a Sheffield Lab Recording, THE USUAL SUSPECTS represents the sound of a vital music community, the music professionals of the Los Angeles recording industry in full creative flower. Producer Jeff Weber has assembled an astonishing array of creative and performing talent in an exciting and varied program containing compelling vocals and high powered instrumentals.

This is music that satisfies both sonically and musically, with original compositions, fine arranging craft, and performances at the highest levels.

Sheffield's Doug Sax and producer Jeff Weber were in agreement in the choice of Al Schmidt to engineer this recording. Al is a Grammy Award winning fifty year veteran who continues to be at the forefront of the industry, working with Diana Krall, George Benson, Natalie Cole, Steely Dan, and other prominent artists of our time. His work on THE USUAL SUSPECTS is beyond the technical; it is the creation of sound and music images at the highest level.

In a time when most of today's pop music is generated on a laptop, it is astonishing to hear the excitement of the L.A. Sound, the best musicians and singers, live together in the same room and inspired by each other and the music.

We invite you to the great sound and the unique musical lineup of THE USUAL SUSPECTS. All guilty as charged!
This is a CD. We do not have vinyl.
01 Are You Scary (5:47)
02 Time Will Bring You Love (4:32)
03 Don't Give Up The Groove (4:20)
04 Come On In (4:37)
05 Things Change (6:10)
06 Life Is What You Make It (5:38)
07 Song For Suzy (3:43)
08 Good Friends (5:05)
09 Anyone Can See (4:54)
10 Evolution (6:58)