Adult Contemporary

duo parnas NOW  SL10092 duo parnas NOW
Madalyn Parnas, violin
Cicely Parnas, cello
duo parnas NOW is the third CD of violin and cello duos recorded by violinist Madalyn Parnas and cellist Cicely Parnas. The album is so named to emphasize that only works by living composers are included, thus allowing for collaboration between the composer and performing artists in all cases.
The recordings, which raised the audiophile recording industry to high profile status, are presented in this 2-CD set, containing the three Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues albums from 1968, 1972, and 1973. All three have been Mastered from Analogue Disc Originals by Seth Winner. Volume I (formerly Sheffield S9) appears for the first time on Compact Disc. Deluxe colorful packaging includes technical and session photos, as well as historical notes.