Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

Q:  Do you have any LPs/vinyl available?  Will you be making new vinyl?
A:  No and not at this time.  All of our old vinyl inventory was sold years ago.  You may be able to find original Sheffield vinyl on eBay.  We are functioning primarily as a distributor for Sheffield Lab, with limited manufacturing. Our access to original Sheffield Lab masters is limited, and the direct disc masters have long ago reached the end of their pressing capability.  While we acknowledge that there is interest in vinyl, the problem for Sheffield with releasing on vinyl is that our critical customers will compare new product with direct-to-disc.  It is inevitable that the new product, no matter how carefully produced, will compare unfavorably.  

Q:  Do you have or will you be releasing high resolution downloads?
A:  At this time, we do not offer hi-res downloads.  This is not to say that we won't be releasing high resolution product of some titles in the future but at this point we do not have that as an option.

Q:  What is your return policy?
A:  All sales are final.  We do not accept returns.  We, of course, will offer an exact exchange in the event the item you purchase is defective.  Please contact us if you think this is the case.

Q:  I would like to contact one your artists.  How can I do that?
A:  Please contact us and we will see if we can forward your request to them.

Q:  I would like to use some of your music for a film or project?  Who do I contact for licensing?
A:  Please contact us.  Much of our catalog is controlled by us but there are certain titles that are not available for licensing.  It's a case by case basis.  Please send us a message with the details of your project and your budget.

Q:  I am a distributor or own a music store.  Do you wholesale?  
A:  Yes!  Please contact us for wholesale inquiries