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A Gershwin Celebration  SL10044 A Gershwin Celebration
Moscow Philharmonic
Dmitri Kitayenko
Harry James & His Big Band  SL10057G Harry James & His Big Band
Harry James and His Big Band
James Newton Howard & Friends  SL10078 James Newton Howard & Friends
James Newton Howard
David Paich, Keyboards
Steve Porcaro, Keyboards
Jeff Porcaro, Drums
Joe Porcaro, Percussion
This is a Sheffield landmark recording of keyboardist/composer James Newton Howard and his friends from the group "Toto" (James Newton Howard, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, keyboards; Jeff Porcaro, drums; Joe Porcaro, percussion) in original compositions for synthesizers and percussion. The music is sophisticated rock with jazz flavor, energetic and fresh. Produced and engineered by Bill Schnee.
The recordings, which raised the audiophile recording industry to high profile status, are presented in this 2-CD set, containing the three Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues albums from 1968, 1972, and 1973. All three have been Mastered from Analogue Disc Originals by Seth Winner. Volume I (formerly Sheffield S9) appears for the first time on Compact Disc. Deluxe colorful packaging includes technical and session photos, as well as historical notes.
Matter of Time  SL10060 Matter of Time
Michael Allen Harrison
Road To Joy  SL10059 Road To Joy
Freeway Philharmonic
Music composed and arranged by Miles Davis and Gil Evans The first new recording of this landmark work since the original half a century ago, featuring LEW SOLOFF, Solo Trumpet, with STEVE RICHMAN conducting the Harmonie Ensemble/New York. Produced and engineered by Adam Abeshouse
Sonic Detour  SL10050 Sonic Detour
Freeway Philharmonic
This extensive collection of songs by the most important songwriter of this century, Irving Berlin, commemorates his 100th birthday. Pop singer Margie Gibson is featured with the jazz trio arrangements of Lincoln Mayorga.
The King James Version  SL10068 The King James Version
Harry James and His Big Band
the name is MAKOWICZ (ma-KO-vitch)  SL10084 the name is MAKOWICZ (ma-KO-vitch)
Phil Woods
Adam Makowicz
Marc Johnson, acoustic bass
Gene Estes, percussion
Bill Goodwin, drums
This recording was made with all-tube electronics designed and built by Sheffield Lab. A single-point stereo microphone was used to achieve a natural acoustic perspective. This technique, requiring a musical performance that is naturally balanced to the ear, allows us to capture the full wealth of ambient information, the physical placement of the musicians, as well as the depth and spaciousness of the recording hall. All of the Sheffield Lab classical recordings have used this single-point microphone technique; however, this is the first time we have used this method on a recording of contemporary music. ---DOUG SAX
For component testing, demonstration and evaluation of sound systems.
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